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MAST Technologies is a certified small business that designs, develops and manufactures innovative RF, microwave and EMI absorbing materials for integration into military and electronics solutions.

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MAST prides itself on the ability to provide premium technology at competitive prices throughout the marketplace. With a spacious elastomer processing suite and full-scale production capabilities, MAST has substantial lab scale development space to rapidly prototype a variety of products. Check out the video of a UL94 V-0 pretest, for example.

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MAST’s suite of materials offers radar cross section reduction, thermal protection, or electrical conductivity for some of the most challenging military environments. Whether the application requires materials to survive a jet fuel soak, to be corrosion resistant, or to travel at supersonic speeds – MAST Technologies has a material that will fit the application.

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With the proliferation of automotive radar systems for collision avoidance, adaptive cruise control, back-up warning, and lane detection, the need for microwave and even millimeter wave absorbing materials is great。 MAST Technologies’ tuned frequency and cavity resonance absorber materials can be optimized specifically to frequencies of concern。

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Over the past 15 years, the electronics industry has seen pretty much every device incorporate wireless technology. The proliferation of mast mounted antennas for communication and high speed wireless data transfer has specifically seen rapid growth. Many point to point and last-mile antennas systems utilize MAST Technologies’ microwave absorbing materials for antenna patterning and system performance.

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EMI Supression

As electronic packages become smaller and more functional, electromagnetic interference and compliance is an increasingly difficult task。 Where traditional metal shields once were effective, now EMI and microwave absorbers are being substituted, due to their thin film nature and high frequency absorption properties。 MAST Technologies’ electromagnetic interference (EMI) solutions offer absorption of unwanted energy between 200 MHz and 40 GHz。

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The telecom industry has made tremendous technological advances over the past 15 years. With data rates rapidly approaching 100 Gb/s, eliminating high frequency energy is an increasingly important task. MAST Technologies’ microwave absorbing materials are being utilized to eliminate high frequency emissions, reduce cavity resonances, and improve system performance in telecom applications.

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Aerospace customers require materials to survive in some of the most demanding environmental conditions. MAST Technologies recommends using nitrile based elastomers for most low temperature applications.

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