Application Notes

Microwave Absorbers: Reducing Cavity Resonances

MAST Technologies’ own Andrew Sundsmo gives insight into the design and use of microwave absorbing materials in high frequency devices in this application note originally published in CE Magazine. Contact Andrew Sundsmo directly to discuss MAST’s innovative solutions to your?unique?high frequency applications.

The Use of Absorbers in Electronics

MAST Technologies’ EMI consultant Ed Nakauchi presents an in-depth look into the use of microwave absorbing materials in PCB edge fringing, PCB trace radiation, and cavity resonance effect reduction in this brief overview article. Contact a MAST Technologies representative to discuss MAST’s innovative solutions to your?unique electronics applications.

Online RF Resources: RF Cafe

Check out for RF engineering resources, equations and tables, industry standards and other special interest links and articles. MAST Technologies is officially listed as an RF absorber and EMI shielding material manufacturer and has contributed application notes to the section.

Save Installation Time with Kiss Cutting

Learn the differences between traditional bag and tag die-cutting versus material supplied in kiss cut pads and how kiss cutting can save you time and money during installation. Decide which method is right for you and contact an applications engineer today to discuss your options!

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