Cellular Backlobe Suppressors

MAST Technologies’ cellular antenna backlobe suppressors are the latest development in outdoor cellular infrastructure signal attenuation. MAST’s cellular backlobe suppressors are effective at reducing or eliminating undesired cellular radiation from infrastructure antennas. The most common use cases for cellular backlobe suppressors are for isolation of antennas from cross-talk, reduction of backlobes and sidelobes, antenna pattern improvement, and reduction of unwanted reflections. MAST uses it’s state of the art high loss RF absorbing materials as the core of the absorbing panels, and combines them with an RF transparent shell to ruggedize the assembly for extreme outdoor environments. Cellular backlobe suppressors can be optimized for insertion loss or reflection loss.

Effective Frequency Ranges Band (MHz)
3G, 4G 700
GSM, IS-95 850
GSM, IS-95, 3G, 4G PCS (1850-1990)
3G, 4G AWS (1710-2155)
4G BRS/EBS (2496-2690)


Generally cellular antenna backlobe suppressors are around 2” thick. The length and width size will be configured for any antenna and mounting configuration which may be present. Typical sizes range from:

Length: 18 – 96”
幸运彩票 Width: 6 – 48”

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Cellular Backlobe Suppressors

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