Corporate Overview

MAST Technologies is a certified small business that designs, develops and manufactures innovative RF, microwave and EMI absorbing materials for integration into military and electronics solutions. Unique elastomeric, caulking and low viscosity ink materials are formulated to provide tailored electrical performance without compromising customer-driven mechanical and environmental requirements. In-house design and development fosters intimate communication between MAST and the customer that persists from product inception to post-delivery activities. MAST prides itself on the ability to provide premium technology at competitive prices throughout the marketplace.


Elastomer Processing

MAST Technologies is equipped with a spacious elastomer processing suite for batch mixing, calendaring, compression molding flat sheets and complex parts, precision sanding, and custom die-cutting。 Among the capabilities are:

  • Batch mixing via high shear two-roll mill
  • Hydraulic Compression Molding Presses with heated?plattens
  • Precision Grinding
  • Die Cutting

For more information on elastomer processing please contact a MAST Technologies representative today.

Coatings and Application

MAST Technologies has a versatile coatings and applications sector for mixing and applying liquid coatings via spray and dip processes. MAST’s automated pneumatic spray booth provides optimized and repeatable coating application to a variety of products. Check out the video, below, to see the booth in action.

Among the capabilities are:

  • Ball mill
  • Automated spray booth
  • Dip tank and laminator
  • Production walk-in oven

For more information on coatings and application please contact幸运彩票 a MAST Technologies representative today.

Microwave Testing

Industry standard microwave measurements can be performed in-house and digital data capture allows for rapid and professional reporting。 MAST’s vector network analyzer provides phase and amplitude measurements in a variety of test setups, including microstrip testing, Bistatic Arch Reflectivity, and Insertion Tunnel testing。 Please see Tech Bulletin 101 for more information on the NRL Arch Reflectivity test setup。 Surface and volume resistivity measurements of conductive or resistive products are provided by a surface resistivity probe and proper multimeter setup。

Lab Scale Development

In addition to full-scale production, MAST has substantial lab scale development capabilities to rapidly prototype a variety of products. A one small batch jar roller mill allows for optimization of liquid coating formulations before production in MAST’s production ball mill. A small oven provides precise temperature control to determine appropriate cure cycles for liquid and solid materials. A lab furnace allows for extended duration heat aging trials. To determine the flame resistance of products, multiple Bunsen burner test setups have been fabricated to perform UL94 pretesting. Check out the video, below, for an example of a UL94 V-0 pretest.

For more information on lab scale development please contact a MAST Technologies representative today.

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