MC: Inks & Coatings

MAST Technologies designs and manufactures a variety of custom-formulated inks, pastes, and caulking materials for use in the aerospace and electronics industries. EMI shielding materials, microwave absorbing materials, low dielectric layers and thermal barriers can be manufactured in many forms, including adhesives, sealants, gap fillers, pastes, and inks.

幸运彩票MAST has adopted several resin systems and filler combinations to provide customized products that meet unique environmental, mechanical, and electrical requirements。 Extensive knowledge of conductive, resistive, magnetic, and thermally insulating particles allows for optimization of the electrical performance or thermal insulation character of finished products。 MAST’s process design and control ensures that desired physical characteristics (i。e。 viscosity, wetting, solubility), are consistently achieved and appropriate for the application method of the end user, including dipping, spraying, caulking, casting or puttying。

Packaging options are also customizable for low viscosity materials, ranging from 8 oz Semkits to 30 gallon steel drums. Please contact a MAST Technologies representative for more information on custom-filled inks and coatings.

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