Absorptive Coatings

MAST Technologies’ absorptive caulking materials are magnetically loaded RF absorber / microwave absorber materials fabricated to be electrically equivalent to the MAST Cavity Resonance sheet products. The materials can be manufactured using one or two part systems in a variety of viscosities. Absorber caulk can be used for in small quantities for prototyping and test, or in production via automated dispensing systems.

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Typical Applications

  • Microwave Absorption
  • Cavity Resonances
  • Providing absorption at seams
  • PCB Troubleshooting
  • Crosstalk Isolation

Available Binders

Silicone, Viton?, Epoxy, Urethane, One and Two-Part Binders Available

Sizes Available

8 oz SEM-KIT?, Pint Can, Quart Can, 1 Gallon Can

Standard Products

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Reflectivity Performance Coating Type Part Number
-20 dB @ 6 GHz (0.070″) Caulk MC10-0014-03
-20 dB @ 10 GHz (0.065″) Caulk MC10-0018-03
-20 dB @ 14 GHz (0.047″) Caulk MC10-0018-03

Absorptive Coating Products

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