Military Applications

MAST Technologies is one of the few US owned small businesses designing and manufacturing advanced materials for military applications. MAST’s suite of materials offers radar cross section reduction, thermal protection, or electrical conductivity for some of the most challenging military environments. Whether the application requires materials to survive a jet fuel soak, to be corrosion resistant, or to travel at supersonic speeds – MAST Technologies has a material that will fit the application. Here are a few of the common military application areas:


Aerospace customers require materials to survive in some of the most demanding environmental conditions.? MAST Technologies recommends using nitrile based elastomers for most low temperature applications. ?Nitrile based elastomers offer resistance to common aerospace fluids including fuels and oils, as well as offer good abrasion resistance and mechanical strength.?For more information on elastomer selection, please visit our Elastomer Selection Chart.

MAST Technologies also offers a suite of 幸运彩票high temperature materials for aerospace applications.? Aero thermal heating on leading edges can generate extreme temperatures for materials, and MAST has just the solution.? For more information on high temperature materials, contact a MAST engineering representative.

Aerospace systems are becoming increasingly complex with antenna systems transmitting data across many different frequency bands. ?MAST Technologies lightweight reticulated foam absorbers are commonly used to reduce antenna side and back lobes or even to prevent antenna cross-talk.? MAST reticulated foam absorbers are effective at attenuating energy from 1 to 40 GHz, and some even higher.


Shipboard applications are amongst the most corrosive environments for advanced materials. ?MAST Technologies offers many different elastomer types for extreme shipboard environments.? Corrosion resistant fillers are available in any of the 幸运彩票radar absorbing elastomer products, simply contact a MAST engineering representative for more details.

MAST also offer fire resistant versions of many of the radar absorbing materials which meet MIL standard flame spread or UL ratings.? Many different adhesive options are also available, from Peel and Stick Adhesives for easy installation, to adhesive putties MAST is sure to have a robust adhesive for all shipboard applications.

Ground Vehicle

Military ground vehicles are increasingly becoming mobile communications systems, with dozens of antennas onboard.? MAST Technologies’ microwave absorbing materials can aid in your antenna interference or cross talk issues, while handling the rugged environment that a ground vehicle must endure.? Specially formulated adhesive systems can provide temperature resistance up to 600°F while ensuring a quality bond before, during, and after exposure.? If your ground vehicle requires a microwave absorbing material to be bonded to composite or fiberglass, ask a MAST engineering representative about our integral ground-plane solutions.

Additional Applications

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