MR1: Tuned Frequency Absorbers

MAST Technologies’ Tuned Frequency Absorber product series is a thin magnetically loaded sheet stock. Tuned Frequency Absorbers, also known as resonant frequency absorbers, provide great reflection loss at a discrete frequency, typically offering 20dB of attenuation. Tuned Frequency Absorbers offer a narrowband of absorption, typically +/-10% of the resonant frequency, so are best used when a single discrete frequency is trying to be absorbed. MAST Engineers can tune an absorber to any frequency from 1 to 40 GHz, by simply changing the formulation and thickness.

Typical Applications

  • Ship masts
  • Specular return (RCS)
  • Discrete frequency absorption
  • Antenna isolation and patterning
  • Aircraft seals
  • Aircraft ducts
  • Instrument housings

New K-band Absorbers!

Freq. (GHz) Part Number Elastomer
20.6 MR11-0031-20 Silicone
24.0 MR11-0041-20 Silicone
30.0 MR11-0039-20 Silicone
35.0 MR11-0034-20 Silicone

Additional Standard Products

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Freq. (GHz) Part Number Elastomer Part Number Elastomer
2.0 MR11-0002-20 Silicone MR12-0002-00 Nitrile
3.0 MR11-0003-20 Silicone MR12-0003-00 Nitrile
4.0 MR11-0004-20 Silicone MR12-0004-00 Nitrile
5.0 MR11-0005-20 Silicone MR12-0005-00 Nitrile
6.0 MR11-0006-20 Silicone MR12-0006-00 Nitrile
7.0 MR11-0007-20 Silicone MR12-0007-00 Nitrile
8.0 MR11-0008-20 Silicone MR12-0008-00 Nitrile
9.0 MR11-0009-20 Silicone MR12-0009-00 Nitrile
10.0 MR11-0010-20 Silicone MR12-0010-00 Nitrile
11.0 MR11-0011-20 Silicone MR12-0011-00 Nitrile
12.0 MR11-0012-20 Silicone MR12-0012-00 Nitrile
13.0 MR11-0013-20 Silicone MR12-0013-00 Nitrile
14.0 MR11-0014-20 Silicone MR12-0014-00 Nitrile
15.0 MR11-0015-20 Silicone MR12-0015-00 Nitrile
16.0 MR11-0016-20 Silicone MR12-0016-00 Nitrile
17.0 MR11-0017-20 Silicone MR12-0017-00 Nitrile
18.0 MR11-0018-20 Silicone MR12-0018-00 Nitrile

Electrical Performance

The performance plot below shows the performance of several of our tuned frequency materials.

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