MR5: Low Frequency Absorbers

MAST Technologies’ Low Frequency Absorber product series is a magnetically loaded sheet stock having high loss at sub-microwave frequencies. Low Frequency Absorbers are designed with shaped magnetic particles which exhibit high permeability at frequencies from 1 MHz to 3 GHz. The Low Frequency Absorber product line is the thinnest of the MR series products, with standard thicknesses of 0.006” and 0.020”; other thicknesses and configuration as available.

Typical Applications

  • Traveling, creeping, surface wave absorption
  • Resonant Cavity Attenuation
  • EMI Reduction
  • Mounted to an IC on a PCB
  • Mounted directly on a microstrip
  • High Frequency Interference
  • Inside a shielding can

Standard Products

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Part Number Thickness (in/mm) Permeability (@ 100 MHz)
MR51-0001-00 0.006/0.15 μ’ = 32
MR51-0002-00 0.020/0.5 μ’ = 32
MR51-0003-00 0.010/0.25 μ’ = 32
MR51-0006-00 0.040/1.0 μ’ = 32

Electrical Performance

The performance plot below shows the performance of several of our tuned frequency materials。

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