Sample Kits

MAST Technologies offers complimentary sample kits stocked with our best selling cavity resonance, low frequency, lossy foam and reticulated foam RF absorber materials.

Sample Kit Contents

MAST PN Absorber Type Thickness (in/mm) Frequency
MR21-0001-20 Cavity Resonance 0.020/0.5 4 to 18 GHz
MR21-0003-20 Cavity Resonance 0.040/1.0 9 to 12 GHz
MR21-0005-20 Cavity Resonance 0.060/1.5 5 to 9 GHz
MR21-0007-20 Cavity Resonance 0.080/2.0 3 to 7 GHz
MR51-0002-02 Low Frequency 0.020/0.5 50 MHz to 4 GHz
MR51-0006-02 Low Frequency 0.040/1.0 50 MHz to 4 GHz
MF11-0002-01 Reticulated Foam 0.500/12.8 8 to 40 GHz
MF22-0001-01 Lossy Foam 0.125/3.2 1 to 20 GHz

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