Wireless Antenna Applications

Over the past 15 years, the electronics industry has seen pretty much every device incorporate wireless technology。 The proliferation of mast mounted antennas for communication and high speed wireless data transfer has specifically seen rapid growth。 Many point to point and last-mile antennas systems utilize MAST Technologies’ microwave absorbing materials for antenna patterning and system performance。 幸运彩票Browse Materials

Parabolic Antenna

Reticulated foam?absorbers are commonly used in parabolic antennas to improve the antenna pattern and reduce side lobes, making the antenna operate more efficiently.? Reticulated foam performs very well at very high angles of incidence (grazing angles) making it an ideal choice for side lobe reduction applications.

Point to Point Antennas

Whether the application is for a building to building network, last mile, or healthcare enterprise, MAST Technologies helps point to point antennas operate more effectively.? 幸运彩票Reticulated foam?absorbers and cavity resonance?absorbers are commonly used for antenna pattern optimization, and for microwave cavity resonance reduction.

Wireless Backhaul

As wireless operators transition to higher bandwidth technologies like 4G/LTE and WiMAX, wireless backhaul is recognized as one of the major components which drives network performance.? MAST Technologies aids wireless backhaul equipment manufacturers with the high frequency suppression tools required to make the system operate smoothly and giving them a competitive advantage.? Cavity resonance materials are most commonly used for lowering the Q factor of microwave enclosures and reducing unwanted harmonics in wireless backhaul applications.

Additional Applications

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